Necklaces please!

My dear lovers,

Outfits are not complete without the right accessories. One of them is necklaces; they really do make the difference and can transform an outfit from casual to elegant in one instant!

While I recognise that jewellery is usually something very personal that goes hand in hand with our memories and relationships rather than our style, I still like to follow some basic rules when I wear my necklace, the main one being to coordinate it with the cut of the top/dress I am wearing.

I have put below a visual example of which kind of necklaces complete perfectly a v-neck, a plain white t-shirt crew neck, a square neck, plunge, boat neckline, high neck and sweetheart.

The combination are endless, just remember when you are not sure that less is more: the more daring the outfit the simpler and more delicate the necklace, the simpler and monochrome the outfit the more colourful and big the necklace.

Put on feathers and colourful pendants with summer tops revealing tanned skin, put on a chocker for casual and trendy occasions, dare pearls with black high neck for a Chanel style look at work and so on!

Ready to mix and match what you have? Send me your pictures if you are unsure of your combination and let the fun begin!




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