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I am your personal stylist and each week I will share exclusive fashion and lifestyle advice to inspire your shopping and update your trends knowledge.

We all know that to look beautiful on the outside we have to feel beautiful on the inside; the good news is that this feeling of confidence and self esteem is something that can be nurtured by the clothes we wear & by how we wear them.

So here I am, helping you to identify which fashion trends suit the best both your personality and your body.

Let’s get started then with our first issue dedicated to the hottest topic right now: Swimsuits!

Summer is upon us and we can’t be more excited for the happiest season to begin. Ready?

Whatever your destination, when shopping for your next swimsuit, do keep in mind these 10 swimsuit trends for summer 17′:

1- High waste bikinis: vintage style is so glamorous and classy – ideal for both skinny and curvy girls 

2- Pastels: delicate shades for the nostalgic woman – looks fabulous on tanned skin

3- Nude: do you feel sensual and brave enough to wear this? – suits best tall girls 

4- Crochet: the granny style of the old era is back and could not look more trendy! – teens rock crochet!

5- Gingham: do you feel inspired by Brigitte Bardot favourite bold pattern? – I love this on petite girls 

6- Floral: give a romantic vibe to your swimsuit – remember big patterns give more volume!

7 – Red: bold shade inspired by the new Baywatch movie – in my opinion red suits everyone who wants to be noticed

8- Printed: colourful, funny and perfect to make a statement in style – a passepartout 

9- Plunge: For those who want to feel sexy yet look sophisticated – ideal to showcase a small to medium breast 

10- Asymmetrical: traditional but different style – ideal for girls with less curves 

Unsure on how to accessorise your favourite swimsuit? Watch this space for further ideas coming up in the next weeks!

In the meanwhile just remember to love yourself and your body.

Lots of love,





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