What does Rachele Gonzaga Styling mean?

My lovely readers, 

Welcome to my brand new blog section.

In this post I want to explain a bit better what I do and why I do it.

Since I decided to become a stylist I have experimented with so many type of clients, on so many platforms and for all sort of different occasions. 

I was trying to find my real purpose and passion within this new exciting field. 

After a while it became clear to me that I should just follow my own experience and my own story to help other women the same way a stylist helped me in a difficult time of my life; this was just after a car accident left my body with lots of scars and a post-natal depression unexpectedly hit me after my second baby.

So, who am I, what do I do and why do I do it?

I am a personal stylist and even if am able to style any woman for any occasion I have decided to focus on 2 main categories of women under 1 common lens.

1- I want to empower new mums to feel confident with their new new body shape after having had children and after seeing the changes in their body. I want to help them find the right style for this new exciting adventure, feel glamorous and beautiful again and understand that style does not have to be compromised when we have more curves and little ones running around the house.

2- I want to support women that suffered any kind of body injury throughout the overall rehabilitation process through style. Why do I think this is important?

When after a car accident I saw big scars in the left leg, one just in the front longer than 30cm I didn’t want to wear skirts anymore. One leg was thinner than the other one, I put on some weight due to my immobility, I was using crutches for almost a year and my confidence was really low. 

Through my own re-styling I was finally feeling better and more inclined to recover quickly, to commit to physiotherapy and going out.

This is why I have decided to help women in a similar situation to re-adapt their existing style to new unfortunate circumstances, support from the image point of view and be there to encourage self confidence and hopefully help the recovery process too.

So what is the common lens then?

Is sustainability and responsible consumption. 

I am not into just following the latest trends that perhaps look cool but don’t suit you, not about having millions of items in your wardrobe you would wear once or twice only.

I am pro slow fashion, finding the right style for you, invest in quality not in quantity, reinvent your existing wardrobe with perhaps new accessories and wear 100% of it, have a capsule core collection that makes it easy to dress up in the morning and teaching you how to shop so that you will not buy useless items anymore.

I am very happy to be able to share all of this with you and I hope you got a bit inspired and engaged in my mission to help other in need.

Looking forward to hearing from you.




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