As a new mum I understand the challenges we face as our body and lifestyle dramatically changes.

The good news is mummies can look stylish and fabulous yet feel comfortable at the same time. Let’s meet and discuss your needs to find clothes that will fit your changing shape and lifestyle.

Style does not have to be sacrificed when we are pregnant. This is the time to enhance your figure and show with pride the growing treasure inside.

After a body changing injury, self confidence can suffer and often style needs to be re-adapted. I have experienced this first hand and I can help you finding the perfect style that enhance your assets and instantly lifts up your mood.

Did you know that we generally wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time?
Sounds familiar?

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to feel and look fabulous – I’m sure I can find some hidden gems in your wardrobe and make suggestions of how to wear rarely worn items in exciting new ways. All this will freshen up your look and teach you also how to make shopping in the future avoiding spending on wrong items for you.

Are you off to a new destination and are unsure what to pack? Do you want to make sure you have all outfits needed for your dream destination to be comfortable, stylish and culturally appropriate? I’m a whizz at packing, so let me help you take the stress out of travel.

Beyond the clothes you wear we will look at your best assets and find the best ways to highlight all those qualities that perhaps right now you are hiding.

Sticking to your pre-determined budget, we’ll go shopping together and to find out what suits you best.

Are you going back to work after your maternity leave? Do you have an important work interview? Or perhaps you are starting a new role but are unsure about dress codes? Or maybe you just want to inject some freshness into your office wardrobe.

Let me help you go through some outfits to find ones that will be appropriate for the office culture.

Do you have a special event planned and are not sure about what to wear? Let me help you find the perfect outfit and make you shine!

Do you want to be a fashion follower or a trend setter?

This introductory session will simplify your shopping habits and how you look at your existing wardrobe. We will asses your body shape and make suggestions about what styles will most flatter you. We will also look at the colour palette that best compliments your skin and hair types to find the best shades for you to wear.
I will put together 4 outfit ideas for you based on the above. No matter your age, shape or budget there are out there perfect clothes for you!